Walk Leaders and Walkers

In the Clare Outdoor Club, the leaders decide how many people may participate in a walk on a given day. If the leaders feel that someone is not wearing the proper personal clothing, has not given the requisite notice or is not carrying the recommended equipment then they may decide to exclude that person from the group.

The leaders co-ordinate the car-pooling arrangements and rendezvous points en route to and from the walk. They will book the hotel/restaurant and advise on the sharing of petrol costs. All participants should immediately inform the leaders of any changes of plan or personal arrangements that involve breaking away from the group for any reason or for any period of time, no matter how brief or trivial this may seem.

Crowds on a mountain are a liability; having too many people in a group defeats the purpose of “getting away from it all”; the group may become disjointed and spread out and, depending on weather conditions, more difficult for the leaders to control safely.




  • Contact a leader if you intend joining a walk, e.g. by Friday night for a Sunday walk.
  • Meet up at Roslevan car park at 7.45am. Be on time as the group will have left before 8am.
  • Co-operate with car-pooling arrangements – parking is limited at most locations. When parking avoid blocking gates and narrow roads. Petrol contribution should be given to the driver.
  • Be self-sufficient – food, liquids, clothing, equipment (see below for list).
  • If you have a medical condition, make sure to inform a leader, discretely, prior to the walk beginning. Bring any necessary medication with you.
  • Keep noise level down when passing houses.


  • If you feel unwell at any stage during the hike, inform the leader – don’t wait until it is too late.
  • Be considerate of others
  • Stay within earshot and sight of the group, bearing in mind that you may have to stay closer together in bad weather
  • Comply with any reasonable requests from walk leaders
  • Absolutely follow leaders’ instructions if a problem or safety issue arises. Differences of opinion can be sorted out afterwards.
  • Respect farm animals and wildlife
  • Show respect for farmers and their land
  • Observe wild animals and birds from a distance, do not disturb them.
  • Absolutely no dogs on club walks.
  • Leave what you find
  • Respect property. If you have to climb a gate, climb at the hinge side, one person at a time. Leave gates as you find them (open or closed).
  • Preserve the past, conserve the present: examine – without damaging. Leave all natural habitats as you find them.
  • Do not build rock cairns or structures.
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • “If You Bring It In, Take It Out” – take home all litter and leftover food (including tea bags, orange peels, banana skins and other biodegradable foods).

Have a happy and safe day on the hills!