Clare Outdoor Club Walking guidelines during Covid-19
Following on from Mountaineering Ireland’s recommendations, we have put some guidelines in place in order that walks can be carried out safely during these times while Covid 19 is still a serious risk.
• All members must prebook their walk, members can not show up on the day of a walk without having given their name to the walk leader.
• For the present walk groups will be limited to 10 – 15 members depending on car park spaces available to us on the walk that we are doing. These numbers include the two leaders.
• Do not car pool except with people from your own household.
• All of our walks will start and finish at the same point, due to the fact that we cannot car pool because of social distancing.
• The club are not in a position to take on any new members for the moment as we want to give our existing members an opportunity to get out on the hills. Our walks will only be open to existing paid-up members from last year. This decision will be reviewed later on in the year depending on membership numbers.
• In addition to your own Personal First Aid Kit, all members must carry a face mask and gloves as these will be required in case you have an accident.
• All members must carry a hand sanitiser with them, and this should be used before the start of the walk, if you open a gate or cross a style etc.
• Members will have to accept/take full responsibility for themselves and keep within their comfort zones, and social distancing is the responsibility of each individual.
• We will not be asking members to sign in, the walk leader will have a list of walkers and on the day each walker will be asked the following questions:

1. Have you travelled outside of Ireland in the past 14 days? (the same applies if you have visitors on holidays staying with you in your home from non-green listed countries.
2. Have you had any of the symptoms of Covid 19 in the past 14 days?
3. Have you been in contact with anyone who has Covid 19 in the past 14 days?

• If you can answer yes to any of the 3 questions, please do not attend the walk.
• The walk list will include the walkers name, telephone number, Emergency contact number and a tick that the walker has declared No to the three Covid19 questions. After the walk the list will be retained by the Club for 4 weeks.
• If you have given your name for a walk, and you cannot attend for some reason, please contact the leader as soon as possible to let them know.